"I like crabcore."

- CrabCore Guy

CrabCore Guy is one of the students in Elliot's class. It is unknown what his real name is, but he is considered an emo-type student because he enjoys crabcore, is most likely to speak up, and listens to the American metalcore band Attack Attack! In his debut in Mondays, he was seen with a black jacket on with 'CRAB FUCKING CORE' on the back, and he wore jeans and black shoes.

CrabCore Guy only appears on Mondays, and sits alongside the Emo Kid, who appears to like his style.

He is the only student in the class who has been physically pained by Mr. Higglesworth, getting kicked in the crotch and getting a Crayola colored-pencil box thrown at him twice.


In his debut, CrabCore Guy only wore a 'CRAB FUCKING CORE' jacket


CrabCore Guy has had verbal fights once with Mr. Higglesworth, also speaking his mind a lot more. He apparently is a big fan of crabcore to the point where 'CRAB FUCKING CORE' emblazons the back of his jacket. He has even explained it to the teacher, but he still did not undertstand it.

Mr. HigglesworthEdit

Mr. Higglesworth may be one of CrabCore Guy's rivals, as he kicked him in the crotch and "attack attack"ed him, throwing a Crayola colored-pencil box at him twice for a "double hit".