Mr. Higglesworth has been known for frequently saying "fagola" among his cursing habit.

"Whoa! These fagolas again?"

- Mr. Higglesworth during the start of 2nd period in Pep Rallies

Fagola (fah-guh-luh or fay-goh-lah) is an obscene word famous in kitty0706's Moments with Heavy and Elliot Goes to School series, maybe alike to the words "fag" and "faggot". It is considered an insulting word to describe someone as a "fagola".

In Moments with HeavyEdit

In Heavy Goes Bowling, after Niko B. bowls off his lane, he is ordered to kill Roman because "he's a fagola", which Niko does by killing him with a pistol headshot. Near the end of the video, when the bowling alley manager is awarding the trophy to BLU Heavy, a fat nerd suddenly stumbles in and says, "Hey fagola, where's your retarded Lucario costume? Huh? HUUUH?!". The manager, clearly displeased, orders him to be kicked out of the alley.

In Heavy has his Christmas Feast, during one of the scenes where Jim Carrey steals Scout's Pancake Mix, there is a man next to a soda machine with a sign saying "Fagola" with the sign pointing at him.

In Elliot Goes to SchoolEdit

Mr. Higglesworth is a common user of the "fagola", using it frequently to describe his students. He has also referred to the school principal as "fag jew principal" before they headed off to the pep rally.

Ms. Person was once heard in an episode calling role, saying "fagola" like (fah-goh-lah).

In The Suicide Mouse Survival Guide Edit

Used for one of the lists on how to make Suicide mouse a tad funnier where an employee crashed into his boss's office to show suicidemouse.avi to him, including calling him a "fagola" with the same voice tone as Mr. Higglesworth